Music can make you laugh, music can make you cry, music can be thought provoking, producing extreme highs and lows.
It can be ripped apart, mangled and remixed, copied and copied again but above all else

Life without Music would be impossible!!

Insatiable Gravy 
​Music & Video Production

Insatiable Gravy Music & Video Production

 Using Propellerhead Reason combined with Cubase software and a fine blend of real acoustic guitar mixed with classic analog hardware including synths like the Virus Access and the Korg Poly800 II.
Mario is a music composer,  vocalist & is able to achieve a unique music production.
His songwriting skills have been the result of many years of experience and long hours of hard work. Mixing, mastering & remixing.
Combine this with the exceptional skills of videographer Genavieve  with a Canon and Panasonic camera, video and editing on Apples Final Cut Pro and recently being introduced to more vocal input, you have what can only be described as, "Insatiable Gravy".


Insatiable Gravy

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